Personal Creative Counseling

Supporting You with Your Personal Journey  
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Our lives here on earth are steeped with struggles of a material, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual kind. We may be lost in our attempts to resolve these struggles, like earning a livelihood and forming strong bonds with loved ones, for lasting well-being and fulfillment in our lives. As we go through these hardships, we can find ourselves alone because we each have our own burdens to bear.

I am here to convey that you are not alone because you have my support and guidance on setting a precedent and imparting your legacy upon the world, solving the roots of and your personal problems and prospering through creativity or new ideas that usher optimism and hope into your life. You can come to me to broach any topics or issues wherein you need healing counseling and advice for relationships, career, education and life in general, and I will lend a helping hand to thoroughly guide you to a place of ease. 
When you book a personal creative counseling online session with me, we will explore answers to your questions or queries through creative conversation, sprouting imagination and mediums, such as the arts, literature and spirituality among others, which will infuse you with fresh new perspectives to bring lasting positivity into your life.

Please note by legal disclaimer that my personal creative counseling is not intended to substitute for professional personal counseling but to complement it as an alternative approach. I keep all your personal information private and confidential. All responsibility for the decisions you make and actions you take from your personal creative counseling session(s) rests with you.    
Each personal creative counseling session is $20 per 50 minutes on Skype or Zoom depending on which you specify on the booking form when you book your session. After your first booking for a Skype session, remember to accept my Skype contact request in advance of your session, so I can timely contact you for it! For any Zoom personal counseling sessions, you will receive a link by e-mail to access your Zoom session at your booked time! During your personal counseling session, you will spend the first 2 to 3 minutes explaining your problems and need for support to me, following which I will engage you with personal creative counseling. Book a 50-minute personal creative counseling session with me now by clicking the button here below!