Group Creative Counseling

Supporting You with Your Group's Journey
Groups of three or more people can be found in our family, career, education and social environments. When various personalities in groups interact with one another, differences of opinion may lead to friction within groups. This friction can fan into the flames of conflict.
Through online group creative counseling with collective conversation, blooming imagination and artistic, literary and spiritual approaches among others, I guide groups of three or four family members, friends, peers or colleagues per session towards increased understanding between members and conflict resolution. In my group counseling sessions, we will apply these kinds of creative approaches to arrive at appreciation of each group member's perspective and to restore group harmony.  
Please note by legal disclaimer that my group creative counseling is not intended to substitute for professional group counseling but to complement it as an alternative approach. I keep all your group information private and confidential. All responsibility for the decisions you make and actions you take from your group creative counseling session(s) rests with you.  
Each group creative counseling session for a group of three or four members is $40 per 50 minutes on Skype. After your first booking, remember to accept my Skype contact request in advance of your session, so I can timely contact you for it! All group members, whether family members, friends, peers or colleagues, will need to be present to participate in each group counseling session. Each member will spend an initial 2 to 3 minutes to explain the problems and need for support, following which I will engage the whole group with creative counseling. Book a 50-minute group creative counseling session with me now for groups of three or four members by clicking the button here below!


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