Couples Creative Counseling

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Supporting You with Your Couple's Journey  
In our lives, we have been gifted with the presence of and interaction with people in relationships. Partnering and coupling bring about a sense of support and ease in resolving life's most pressing issues and growing together to experience the depth and richness of life.

Yet, in times of overwhelming stress or change, fear, tension and anxiety can disrupt these relationships. Partners may release the stress from these difficult moments through discord and negative treatment of one another or hold it inside where it festers and isolates them from each other.

I am here to support you with online couples creative counseling where we will heal the roots of your problems and release the stress through creative engagement, participating in savvy conversation, blossoming imagination and artistic, literary and spiritual activities among others, to solidly restore the amicability in your career or work-related relationship, friendship in your peer relationship or affection  in your personal relationship. You can consult me on any topic or issue for which you need guidance as a couple. 
Please note by legal disclaimer that my couples creative counseling is not intended to substitute for professional couples counseling but to complement it as an alternative approach. I keep all your couple's information private and confidential. All responsibility for the decisions you make and actions you take from your couples creative counseling session(s) rests with you.    

Each couples creative counseling session is $30 per 50 minutes on Skype. After your first booking, remember to accept my Skype contact request in advance of your session, so I can timely contact you for it! Both you and your partner, whether partner in a career, business, educational or social sense or partner in an intimate relationship, will need to be present to engage in our couples creative counseling session(s) and each spend an initial 2 to 3 minutes explaining the problems and need for support to me. After your explanations, I will engage you both with couples creative counseling. Book a 50-minute couples creative counseling session with me now by clicking the button here below!