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Creator and Owner of Creatifecundity, Incorporated 

        Welcome to Creatifecundity!
My name is Rukhsi Sharif (which is the shortened version of my full name, Rukhsar Sharif), and I am ecstatic that you are joining me here! I am a caring creativity leader, counselor and minority female small business owner of the Creatifecundity company and have created its website content to support your root problem resolution (solving the origins of problems for your long-term comfort) and gratifying development in relationships, career, education and overall life. Creatifecundity is a unique word that I have originated to mean the merging of creativity, the conception of new ideas, with fecundity, a burgeoning imagination, for bountiful new prospects. Creatifecundity entails that I apply creative approaches, such as the arts, literature and spirituality among others, with fertile imagination in my counseling to help you discover answers to your questions. The free Creative Collaboration Forums on this website that I have conceived, and which were programmed by Benjamin Preiser, Binghamton University, Class of 2022, also offer you partnerships and collaborations for a wealth of creative support with your career, entrepreneurship and/or relationships as well as communal, societal, environmental and global justice and prosperity.
Creatifecundity is in my nature as illustrated by my doctorate in Educational Theory and Practice with research on, publications (see the Creations page on this website) and practice of creativity and innovation. I also have Master's degrees in Education and Government and a Bachelor's degree in International Relations. My previous career experiences have included serving corporate and educational establishments and non-profit and international organizations. Past experiences have moved me towards my destiny, which is to dedicate myself to supporting you with creative counseling and collaborations to infuse your life with enduring well-being, harmony and fulfillment! 
Creative guidance to support you with:

*Life and 
*Social Change for Justice